ACCURAT - Information design

Accurat is a data-driven research,
design and innovation firm.


We help our clients understand, communicate and leverage their data assets
through static and interactive data visualizations, interfaces and analytical
tools that provide comprehension, insight and engagement.

We work side by side with our clients in uncovering high value data assets and leveraging their potential as strategic resources.
We employ our multi-faceted team of researchers, designers and developers in processing information and building analytical tools that provide access to data-driven insights.
We design the visual abstractions - such as infographics, static and interactive data visualizations and visual reports - that help understand and communicate our clients' data both within their organization and to their stakeholders.
We design and develop state-of-the-art digital interfaces for engaging data-driven experiences on web and mobile.
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We coordinated a large-scale (> € 1M) R&D project funded by the FP7 programme of the EU harvesting geo-referenced social media content to extract patterns of use and perform spatial analyses in support of urban policy and commercial assessment
We worked for 2 years with a large US financial services company (Fortune 100) on designing and developing a software tool to monitor events, detect anomalies and build visual reports in their vast (> 400k hosts) worldwide hardware network.
We worked with the economists and researchers at the United Nations Development Programme on the creation of the Human Development Report 2014, designing all the charts, diagrams and data-visualizations as well as all the communication material that was launched in Tokyo by Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.
For the Italian direct multichannel bank Fineco we designed multiple highly visual interfaces for internal and customer-facing web and mobile applications, that helped their users easily access financial information, personal asset and portfolio management and trading operations.
We worked for 2 consecutive years with The European House - Ambrosetti, a leading Italian management consulting firm, on supporting and integrating the research projects they presented at the Villa D’Este Forum in Cernobbio with data-driven knowledge.
We curated a 14-pages cover story for Wired with our in-depth analysis of the numbers and players of the online porn market, uncovering patterns, relations and evolution over time of one of the most important online industries in the world.
We designed and developed an interactive web application for a large British financial services company (fortune 100) that lets their professional and private stakeholders visually explore and compare the results of an extensive pan-European market research.
For TIM (Telecom Italia Mobile) we designed and developed Peninsula Hotel, an innovative web magazine that combines video interviews and visual data to tell the stories of talented professionals who are redefining what "Made in Italy" means.
For a private ICT venture we conducted an extensive field research, gathering and analyzing quantitative and qualitative data on information flows within multiple hospital wards, that lead to a data-informed UX design for healthcare software solutions.
For Popular Science we analyzed the contents of a database of over 12 million scholarly articles, visually investigating how fast different scientific disciplines advanced over the years based on an extensive network mapping of citation patterns.
Wired, Fast Company, Popular Science, Corriere della Sera, Popular Mechanics and numerous other international publications featured our data-journalism work and original data-visualizations, and we curated for 2 years the whole content production on ING Direct Italy’s online magazine VoceArancio, writing and designing daily and weekly infographics and videos to engage the bank's prospect clients on its values.
In collaboration with the first Italian woman astronaut, Samantha Cristoforetti, we ideated, designed and developed an interactive web-experience that connects users from all over the world with her, during her 6-months-long mission orbiting the earth on the International Space Station.

our clients

selected work

Friends in Space
Friends in Space is the first social network that extends beyond Earth. A six-month long open window to join astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti in her expedition to the ISS.
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La Lettura / Corriere della Sera
Experimental visual storytelling on the cultural supplement of Corriere della Sera.
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Hi-res on Flickr in Italian / English
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Peninsula Hotel
Peninsula Hotel tells the stories of the craftmans, designers and professionals who are re-inventing the idea of “Made in Italy”.
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FastCo IBD Conference
Amazon's data comes to life in these visualizations designed for the 2014 Fast Company Innovation by Design Conference in New York.
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Visualizing painters' lives
Painting stories with data on painters' lives.
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The Startup Universe /
An interactive visual guide to startups, founders & venture capitalists, in collaboration with
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Sleep Habits
Writers’ sleep habits and productivity, with Maria Popova and Wendy MacNaughton
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Design and development of a web analytics application for data-driven inspiration.
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Design and development of a social media conversation monitoring web application.
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UN Human Development Report 2014
Information design for the annual report of the United Nations Development Programme.
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The launch on
A research project on social media and the perception of cities.
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Pig Data / Wired Italia
A 14-pages data-viz feature for the Italian edition of Wired on the numbers behind the market of online porn worldwide.
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Audubon Society 2013 Annual Report
Data driven maps and visualization on migrating patterns and sightings.
Download the Report on
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Design and development of a news and data aggregator that combines your own expertise and that of peers you trust.
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Popular Science
Visualizing the longevity of scientific publications and nuclear reactors' lifetime on Popular Science.
Explore on Behance: 01 - 02
The European House - Ambrosetti
Information design for a case study report on Poste Italiane and the Digital Agenda.
Download the report on
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A slice for everyone
20 years of corruption, visualized slice by slice.
McCann World Group / Fiorucci
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Bronze Lion at Cannes 2013
Research and design of a digital tool that eases access and sharing of information in the healthcare industry.
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Selling at Sundance
Independent films market visualized on Bright Ideas Magazine.
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Design and development of an app ecosystem that links people, emotions, stories and places.
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team & collaborators

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Gabriele Rossi
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Simone Quadri
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Marco Bernardi
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Davide Ciuffi
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Paolo Corti
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Stefania Guerra
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Giovanni Magni
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Giovanni Egeo Marchi
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Alex Piacentini
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Tommaso Renzini
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Marco Vettorello
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Federica Fragapane
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Michele Graffieti
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Pietro Guinea Montalvo
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by Steven Heller - Thames and Hudson, 2014
by Sandra Rendgen - Taschen, 2014
by Andrew Losowsky, S. Ehmann and R. Klanten - Gestalten, 2013
by James Ball and Valentina D'Efilippo - Collins, 2013
by Jaime Serra - SND, 2014
Parsons Journal for Information Mapping, Oct 2012


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