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Multimedia Data-Driven Experience
We design and build engaging and immersive interactive experiences.

World POTUS - Google News Lab
We teamed up with Google’s News Lab to explore and visualize how the US election is being searched across The world, using Google Trends data and custom data visualization. World POTUS is an interactive application optimized for mobile and desktop browsers that displays how people around the world search for the key topics of the 2016 presidential elections associated with the two candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

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Human Data - Friends in Space
Together with the first Italian woman astronaut, Samantha Cristoforetti, we ideated, designed and developed an interactive web-experience connecting users from all over the world with her during a 6-month mission orbiting the earth on the International Space Station.
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Data-Driven Interactive Magazine - Peninsula Hotel / TIM
For TIM (Telecom Italia Mobile) we designed and developed Peninsula Hotel, a web-based magazine that combines video interviews with visual data to tell the stories of talented professionals who are redefining what "Made in Italy" means.
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Visual Analytics
We empower our clients with flexible digital tools to leverage their data assets.

IT Network Management
For a top US investment bank, we designed a software tool to translate software anomalies and hardware failures across 400,000 computer terminals into instant, easy-to-understand visual reports for decision makers.

Network Mapping - The Startup Universe
For a Silicon Valley venture and its investors we imagined a tool to easily access information on the American startup ecosystem, displaying relations between companies, venture capitalists and founders in a highly visual and intuitive way.
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Visual Storytelling
We build visual narratives to explore, analyze and describe complex phenomena.

Visual Data - Corriere della Sera
During our 3-year long collaboration with the Sunday cultural supplement of the first Italian newspaper we imagined and designed 30+ experimental visualizations of social and cultural phenomena that won the most prestigious international awards in the field.
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Science Visualizations - Popular Science
For Popular Science we analyzed the contents of over 12 million scholarly articles, visually investigating how rapidly various scientific disciplines advanced over the years based on an extensive network mapping of citation patterns.
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Amazon's Top Sellers - FastCompany
For the 2014 Fast Company Innovation by Design Conference in New York we parsed and analyzed Amazon’s sales data to extract patterns of consumption in 5 different regional markets, employing experimental techniques to display trends, anomalies and isomorphisms.
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Pig Data - Wired
For Wired, we curated a 14-page cover story with in-depth analysis of the numbers and players of the online porn market, uncovering the patterns, interrelationships and evolution of one of the most important online industries in the world.
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Visual Reporting
We re-imagine how organizations engage with their stakeholders.

2013 Annual Report - Audubon Society
For the Audubon Society we designed multiple maps and visualizations, representing chapters, centers, refuges, flyways and bird counts, building rich narratives that were included in a highly visual compendium of all the activites and initiatives of the association.
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Management Research Reporting - TEH Ambrosetti
For 2 consecutive years, we provided the research support and data analysis for The European House - Ambrosetti, a leading Italian management consulting firm, at the prestigious Villa D’Este Forum in Cernobbio.
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Human Development Report 2014 - United Nations
For the United Nations, our designers created all the original charts, diagrams and data-visualizations for the Human Development Report 2014, presented at the launch in Tokyo by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan.
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Wealth Management - The Aspirational Investor
Working closely with author Ashvin Chhabra (Chief Investment Officer at Merril Lynch Wealth Management) we imagined and designed all the visual abstractions, diagrams and charts for his first book on the acclaimed Wealth Allocation Framework.
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Data-Driven Product Innovation
We help startups and companies innovate with data-driven digital products.

Trend Analysis - Nextatlas
For the trend forecasting consultancy Nextatlas we imagined and developed a lightweight web application built on a set of digital tools for data-driven inspiration their clients use to spot, analyze and visualize thousands of trends worldwide in real-time.
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Digital Products - Monitoring
For a top European multichannel bank, we designed interfaces for both internal and customer-facing web and mobile applications that help users easily access financial information, and streamline portfolio management and trading activities.

News Aggregation - Factr
For the online news and data aggregator Factr we designed an online platform that combines personal and peer expertise to filter the flood of data we are daily exposed to and deliver more trusted information to support decision making processes in humanitarian contexts.
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Social Media Monitoring - Sento
For Sisu Labs, a Catalonian research lab that develops Natural Language Processing and semantic analysis software solutions, we designed and developed an articulate real-time discovery tool for Twitter, built on multiple thematic and highly visual environments.
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Data Strategy 
We support the creation of data workflows, delivering the right information to the right people.

Business Intelligence - McGraw-Hill Education
For McGraw-Hill Education US we designed and implemented an agile end-to-end business intelligence data workflow based on commercial software solutions that now supports all of the financial decision making process in their Higher Education division.

Market Research Exploitation
For a top US investment bank, we designed an interactive web application targeted at professional and private stakeholders to visually explore the results of a pan-European market research on investing habits.

Urban Sensing
With a grant from the European Union’s FP7 programme, we identified a novel approach to urban policy and commercial assessment using spatial analyses based on use patterns extracted from geo-referenced social media content.

Healthcare Data-Driven UX - Docto
For a healthcare startup, we conducted in-depth field research, gathering and analyzing quantitative and qualitative data on information flows from multiple hospital wards, which lead to a data-informed UX design for electronic medical records.
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Data Art
We know how to tell beautiful stories, with data.

Famous Writers' Sleep Habits - Brainpickings
In collaboration with online curator Maria Popova and with illustrator Wendy Macnaughton we dug into diaries and interviews for looking for information on famous writers’  sleep habits and visualized them along with data on their literary productivity.
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A Slice For Everyone - Fiorucci / McCann Erickson
For the Italian cold-cuts brand Fiorucci, in collaboration with McCann Erickson we designed a visualization that represents 20 years of corruption in Italy, following a successful mockumentary in which salame and prosciutto become bribes for corrupted politicians.
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Bronze Lion at Cannes 2013

Visualising Painters’ Lives
In collaboration with illustrator Michela Buttignol we built a visual anthology of 10 abstract painters’ lives, isolating pictorial elements from their styles and using them to tell the story of their lives and artistic productions in a visual way.
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Selling at Sundance - Bright Ideas
For Bright Ideas magazine we explored and visualized the numbers of the US independent film market, analyzing correlations amongst budget, sale price & box office gross of movies that were bought by distributors at the Sundance Film Festival.
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