Leveraging the flexibility of Accurat's proprietary web-based dataviz framework, we offer multiple software solutions that can be easily deployed to address the discovery, analysis, visualization and reporting needs of your business. 

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High-end custom data visualization in your reports and presentations, and without hiring designers or developers.


Visu is Accurat's proprietary solution that lets anyone in your organization generate sleek and professional data visualizations in matter of seconds: just pull in your data with Visu's intuitive interface and apply the signature dataviz models Accurat designed specifically for you and for your data. 

We know your data, and we know how to use it to make your point: you don't need to think about the same problem twice, let alone re-invent the wheel every time you work on a new slide presentation. 

You just have to load your new data, select among your custom Accurat designs and roll out high-profile dataviz that already reflect your branding guidelines and fit seamlessly in all your communication materials, all in a couple of clicks.

Visu is cloud based, and runs in any browser so it's accessible from everywhere.
Export high-end vector or bitmap dataviz, ready to be used in PowerPoint and Keynote, or in your blog or newsletter.

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Locu is Accurat’s geospatial visual analysis platform and helps your business easily leverage geo-referenced data to identify patterns, potential correlations and trends over the cities you operate in.

Locu’s engine seamlessly integrates publicly available data from social media contents streams, real-time news, municipalities and census data with your own proprietary data, and uses it to let you create stunning maps and real-time visualizations for all your analysis and reporting needs.

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