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what we do

Data-driven Art + Design

Our studio partners with ambitious clients like Starbucks, IBM, MOMA and Google to turn data into stunning digital and physical experiences.

We design visualizations, artwork, and software that make large quantities of data intelligible and captivating.

  • Illustrate the richness and granularity of your company‚Äôs work
  • Creative corporate communications (indicators, reporting, press, CSR, investor relations)
  • Anchor your communication & marketing strategy onto data
  • Delight your audience with innovative digital products and experiences
  • Tell your story through data, and use it to power memorable campaigns
  • Present your progress, results and impact in a meaningful and clear way
  • Data-driven design for branding, art & communications
  • Data visualization for journalism and reporting (corporate & non-profit)
  • End-to-end app development
  • Augmented reality & immersive web experiences
  • Large-scale data-driven physical installations
  • Data sourcing, collection & analysis

How we work

You bring us your vision and any data you want to work with

We research both, uncover the stories lying in the datasets, integrating where necessary, and select the ones that best illustrate your vision

We work with you to imagine and craft a message grounded on this information

We articulate it into possible physical or digital outputs

We design, develop and ship bespoke, user-ready, tested products and experiences

We observe how they are used, monitor the results and suggest iterations

Data-driven Art + Design clients

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