/||||/| Places

A modular framework that visualizes your business data in different ways, for example enabling you to find potential correlations between sales and other insightful sources. It’s your data in context.

How is it useful for you and your company?

This is not another all-in-one BI software you and your team will need to learn. /||||/| Places is a customizable framework solution for your company that empowers you to create an infinite number of explorations. Without much effort, you can focus on different datasets, use standard and custom visualizations, apply filters and find interesting and insightful correlations.

Should I be a pro?

No, not really. /||||/| Places is easy to use, allowing non-experts to get a glimpse of their valuable data and share insights with decision makers and stakeholders. But of course we also haven’t forgotten those who are confident enough to make their own dataset based on advanced joins, global and local filters.

/||||/| Places makes all these backend flows and structural processes very easy and quick to set up. Its advanced frontend configuration tools feel natural both for pros and casual operators.

Out of the box

As standard visualizations, /||||/| Places offers three main analyses: geographical, temporal and categorical. On top of that, custom settings and explorations can be easily added by our product team.

Your freedom with no compromises

The modularity of the interface and of the visualizations mirrors the fundamental breakdown of the data and information that empowers the tool.

Each and every visual model can be populated with whichever compatible data the user envisions. The end user has total control on the type of analysis he wants to explore. Without ever writing a single line of code.

As easy as it sounds:


Get geographical awareness by mixing your data with what is around you.


Compare your historical data against standard and personal benchmarks to better understand your past performance or forecast your future exploits.


Cross and filter any kind of datasets to better understand how your clients perceive and interact with your services.

Your day by day job: monitoring and presenting

Once an exploration or monitor is saved, users can quickly fetch it, edit it or delete it.

This continuously enriches one's archive of explorations, which will always be available. All the analyses will be easy to export with a click, with a styling that reflects your brand guidelines and that will fit seamlessly in all your communication materials.

To wrap it up

With /||||/| Places, Accurat offers an automate analytics and reporting tool for organizations of any size, enabling users to discover more about their data and helping them to put a context around it.
It empowers the study of data through the use of professionally designed visualizations without asking for any effort.

Mind the Key points

Always Available Explorations
Each user has its own explorations. He can add and delete them easily.

Monitor Specific Data Points
Collections of the most used data can be saved in order to create new explorations.

Export Your Exploration
Any analysis can be exported as PDF and sent as to many different mailing list as it needed, even setting a scheduled calendar.

Product in the cloud
/||||/| Places is a cloud-based software. All your company’s data will stay safe in the cloud.

Present Insight
Share insight with external people by exporting a custom Report of the aggregated data.

Explore & Collect
Explore the analysis process and its detailed data through an interactive and limited version of the project.

Write us to learn how /||||/| Places can help you and your organization. solutions@accurat.it