/||||/| Views

Is a cloud based software that easily generates high-end custom data visualizations for your reports and presentations without the need of hiring designers or developers.

Because you need to stand out from your competitors.

We all know how crucial it is to present your data in a visually compelling and unique way to engage your clients. /||||/| Views allows you to create highly appealing and professional data visualizations uniquely tailored for your different analyses in a matter of seconds.

Because you can’t hire a design team every time.

How many times did out-of-the-box dataviz software fail to deliver what they promised because of a steep learning curve? How many times was the effectiveness of your presentations compromised by inconsistent and visually poor graphs due to the uneven dataviz skills of your staff?

What /||||/| Views
can do for you:

/||||/| Views will let you produce professionally designed reports and presentations featuring sleek, customized data visualizations to differentiate you from your competitors. With /||||/| Views, your staff will focus on content, and not on how to use Excel to make that fancy effect.

/||||/| Views generates customized data visualizations in a matter of clicks.

/||||/| Views charts are designed by Accurat specifically for your data, reflecting your branding guidelines and will fit seamlessly in all your communication materials. Just pull in your data with /||||/| Views intuitive interface and apply the signature dataviz models Accurat designed specifically for you.

As easy as it sounds:


Pick one among your custom Accurat designs


Load your new data


Roll out high-profile dataviz in a couple of clicks, make your edits, and export


Insert them in PowerPoint and Keynote (or blog, newsletter, reports)

Your data has never looked so good.

/||||/| Views charts are designed by Accurat specifically for your data, and they already reflect your or your clients’ branding guidelines and fit seamlessly in all your communication materials.

We design your chart once, and you simply replicate it with new data.

We’ll take care of understanding your data and your needs as you start with /||||/| Views, and we’ll design the best visual models for your analysis. You’ll be all set for unlimited production.

It’s like having Accurat sitting at your desk.

Accurat’s expertise as a global, award-winning firm guarantees your new charts will be professionally designed to help your client understand market trends, compare competing value propositions, and aid decision-making processes.

Key Features

Data visualizations, diagrams, and charts crafted specifically for your organization, or for each of your clients;

Impactful and highly professional design, tailored to your company’s branding guidelines;

Complete automation and unlimited scalability of chart production;

Easily learned and used interface with no computer programming or design skills required;

Total control of the final output;

Cloud-based software, running in any browser, accessible from anywhere.

Write us to learn how /||||/| Views can help you and your organization. solutions@accurat.it