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Mapping Ecosystems of Care

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Atlas of Caregiving’s CareMaps are diagrams that illustrate a person’s healthcare support network. Originally hand–drawn in workshops with the help of professionals, the need arose to scale the practice as the Silicon Valley–based non–profit grew. The organization's CEO contacted Accurat to design and develop the first–ever digital CareMaps.


Atlas of Caregiving was founded with the mission of transforming familial care with research, practical solutions, and collaborations. On a personal level, their CareMaps show the support that family, friends, and community provide an individual. Taken together, they can also illuminate vulnerabilities in a locale. By 2016, hundreds of people had taken part in workshops dedicated to CareMap–making, and Atlas of Caregiving had teamed up with AARP and the Santa Barbara Foundation to expand the offering. Founder and CEO Rajiv Mehta turned to Accurat to help them transform the highly personal analogue experience into a widely available, digital one.
A hand-drawn CareMap.


To meet an ambitious timeline, we adopted an agile methodology that included frequent check–ins with Atlas of Caregiving's leadership, which included veterans from Apple, Adobe, and Intel. Our team of information and UX designers and front–and back–end developers coordinated to streamline communication with the busy executives and compress the feedback loop.

Working with feedback and testimonials given by participants in workshops, we resolved to make the UI of digital CareMaps as inclusive as possible. We drew from data about the many types of support that exist beyond medical care and home aid. We also endeavored to reconcile the needs of two primary users: laypeople taking part in the exercise for personal use, as well as social workers, healthcare professionals, and/or institutional representatives who would use CareMaps for research. While a friendly, non–threatening UX was top–priority for the former group, the latter group would need to be able to easily locate and utilize powerful tools for population analysis.
The original, hand–drawn maps informed the design of our prototypes.


In just nine months, we took digital CareMaps from concept to market. Released in 2018, the web app facilitates an experience similar to the hand–drawing exercise of a CareMaps workshop. First–time users are guided through a step–by–step process that instructs them on how to create a CareMap and how to interpret it to extract actionable insights. A clean, colloquial aesthetic and cross–device functionality work in concert to make the tool accessible. Healthcare workers, meanwhile, can access advanced analytics via an easy–to–spot, collapsible dashboard located in the same interface as the CareMaps workspace.
Users can customize their CareMaps with a variety of icons representing people, places, and things.
Digital CareMaps improve upon the analogue experience with a system of color–coding, which accounts for many types of caregiving support.
Three modes of viewing. "Map View" overlays a CareMap on an actual map and shows the location of each caregiver.


Digital CareMaps make Atlas of Caregiving’s work available to its biggest audience yet. More than a tool, CareMaps are thought–provoking exercises that spur necessary conversations that can lead to transformations on an individual and societal level. Anonymous data gathered by the platform is enabling researchers to better understand the myriad ways caregiving ecosystems—vertebrae in a community’s backbone—function in response to public health policy.
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