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La Lettura - Visual Data

Dataviz, Editorial, and Experimental

Should I get a degree if I want to win a Nobel Prize? Not necessarily, if you’re hoping for a prize in Peace or Literature. A series of experimental data visualizations for the weekly cultural supplement of the largest Italian newspaper.

La Lettura" is the Sunday cultural supplement of Corriere della Sera, conceived as a curated collection of long-read articles by contemporary intellectuals about culture, society, and new media. Accurat delivered rich visual narratives that retained the complexity of the data while making it accessible and understandable. The venture created new perspectives in the newspaper-editorial field by conveying and celebrating the richness of the data stories being told, rather than simplifying them. The project garnered numerous awards, including the O’Reilly Strata Award for Data Journalism, the Gold Medal for Data Visualization at the Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards, the Bronze Medal for News Portfolio at the SND Malofiej Awards, and a special mention by the Core77 Design Awards for communication.
How much did you know about Nobel prizes and Nobel laureates?
Urban story: Lisbon is on a par with Honolulu
European banks and government debt
Further education = longer life
Over three years, Accurat designed more than forty custom print data visualizations that explore rich and complex social and cultural phenomena through data, pushing the boundaries of the discipline.
DETAIL - Urban story: Lisbon is on a par with Honolulu
DETAIL - My reign for a (solved) paradox
DETAIL - The Strega Prize is looking for a job
Exploring the brain drain
Art movie time machine
My reign for a (solved) paradox
Verdi and Wagner
Great gaps in the world of art auctions
The Strega Prize is looking for a job
Marco Bernardi
Davide Ciuffi
Federica Fragapane
Stefania Guerra
Pietro Guinea
Giorgia Lupi
Francesco Majno
Glauco Mantegari
Simone Quadri
Elisa Raciti
Tommaso Renzini
Matteo Riva
Gabriele Rossi
Dataviz, Experience, WebApp, and Mobile App Design
Interactive, Dataviz, Social Media, Big Data, and Visual Analytics


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