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Project Verso Shows What a More Inclusive Workplace Looks Like

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We believe that data visualization shouldn't simplify multitudinous subjects. On the contrary, it's meant to help us navigate the world’s intricacies. With Project Verso, we sought to see if our line of work could help facilitate critical conversations around a topic that’s as broad as it is nuanced and as pressing as it is prickly: diversity in professional settings.



During a period of growth in 2017, we wanted to build a product to share with fellow data–viz practitioners at a series of slated conferences. To ensure that we brought unique value to each experience, we designed a tool that would give fellow attendees and organizers insight into the makeup of the crowd. We conceptualized and developed an app that invited guests to (anonymously) report their age, gender, and ethnicity. Composite answers were displayed publicly on physical displays, placed in highly trafficked areas.

While the project was intended to underscore the importance of transparency, it was crucial to anonymize responses so that participants felt comfortable self-identifying. To accurately represent the group, we would need to design symbology that obscured personal information without removing personhood from the equation. Meanwhile, we were conscious of how conference attendees would interact with the display in highly trafficked areas. Its visual pull should be enough to engage passersby and nudge them to participate in the experiment themselves.


Project Verso is both a mobile app and a roving work of data art. At industry events, users log in to a website created for date and are asked three questions regarding their gender, ethnic group, and age. Their answers determine the shape, color, and placement of a sign on a square grid. On its own, each sign is simple. But taken summarily, they compose an electric visualization of heterogeneity.

Project Verso shows the value of a diverse workforce in an artwork that’s either dynamic or dull, depending on the richness of the assembly. Without words, it nudges participants to ask “What’s wrong with this picture?” and consider ways to make the image brighter; the crowd more diverse.


Project Verso debuted at Visualized Milano in March, 2017. Over the course of the year, we took it several conferences and received an average of over 100 responses at each meetup. It gives organizers invaluable data on the makeup of the crowd, which can be used in the future to design more inclusive experiences.
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