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Do you remember the days when our biggest concern was the possibility that a private corporation could become too close to public officials and potentially influence federal policy in its favor? Those were the good times; at least we still had public data we could use to investigate...

In early 2016, The Intercept, the online investigative journalism publication founded by Laura Poitras, Glenn Greenwald, and Jeremy Scahill, contacted Accurat to create interactive data visualizations to accompany a story about the connections between the White House and Google. To illustrate the article, Accurat created two interactive visualizations that use open data released by the federal government to allow readers to explore the meetings between White House officials and employees of the search giant and the “revolving doors” of people changing jobs and going to work from one organization to the other.
Accurat imagined two custom visual models to display these specific datasets, and created web visualizations that work seamlessly on devices of any size and provide multiple ways to filter the underlying data.
DETAIL - The left column shows names of White House officials who met with Google staff
DETAIL - Analyze individual’s move between Google and U.S. Government
DETAIL - Explore meetings evolution through years
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