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IQVIA is a health information technologies and clinical research multinational company. It is a provider of biopharmaceutical development and commercial outsourcing services, focused on clinical trials and laboratory, analytical and consulting services. Over the past four years we worked with IQVIA at the creation of multiple intelligence and reporting tools aimed at the analysis and communication of pharmaceutical sales data.


IQVIA, born out of the merger between IMS Health and Quintiles, is best known among its other services for its collection of healthcare information spanning sales, de-identified prescription data, medical claims, electronic medical records and social media. IQVIA’s products and services are used by companies to develop commercialization plans and portfolio strategies and to measure the effectiveness of pharmaceutical marketing and sales resources. The firm hired Accurat with the goal of improving the effectiveness of its line of syndicated reports and interactive analytical tools with the introduction of bespoke solutions aimed at market forecasts and market intelligence.

IQVIA initially hired Accurat in 2015 to redesign the guidelines for data visualization for its Italian subsidiary and the collaboration has since grown internationally; over the past four years, Accurat imagined, designed and brought to market multiple lines of IQVIA-branded reports and digital products, leveraging the firm’s proprietary data and monetizing it across multiple European markets.


Accurat worked in close collaboration with the product and marketing teams at IQVIA at the conceptualization and creation of new lines of reporting solutions that leverage custom hi-end data visualization to provide the firm’s clients with modular access to its proprietary data and complete control over it: the products IQVIA marketed over the years thanks to Accurat’s support range from custom periodic reports to interactive exploratory and analytical tools, including a completely reimagined data portal —originally branded "IMS Health Data Journey".
Among the numerous products created during the collaboration, one of the most successful is certainly the “Pharmaceutical Market Atlas”, a series of yearly posters and interactive applications aimed at visualizing the evolution of the market performance of the top 100 Italian pharmaceutical companies, to understand the system in its complexity and ultimately provide a comprehensive view of the pharma landscape to IQVIA’s clients. When we started working on this peculiar report in 2015, we designed a custom visual model that represented both the overall situation of the market and the individual behaviour of each of the companies involved: the bespoke design was then applied both to a poster printed in limited edition and to an online interactive application, marketed as a key component of the firm’s “Data Journey” portal. Since then, the Atlas has been updated every year both in its printed and in its online version: the unique visualisation has been widely adopted in the industry as a powerful market intelligence tool but, thanks to its visual appeal, it is now also displayed as a piece of data art, welcoming visitors in the main hall of IQVIA’s Italian headquarters.
Company overview and evolution over time.
DETAIL - The radial visual model used to represent each company situation.
DETAIL - Companies distribution by revenue in different typologies of products.


Often starting from business insights brought forward by IQVIA’s leadership, Accurat conceptualized multiple solutions during the past years of collaboration: when a project is greenlighted, Accurat forms small and agile product teams that integrate with the firm’s resources and that first develop the concepts into prototypes or pilots that are used to test the assumptions directly on the market and finally turn them through iteration into fully-fledged client-facing products that are released as part of IQVIA’s reporting offering. Accurat’s product teams, thanks to their multidisciplinary experience ranging from backend and front development to data-visualization and UX/UI design, have always been able to effectively support IQVIA in all phases of product development, from conceptualization to deployment.


Over the years, Accurat imagined and built both syndicated reporting products and bespoke digital solutions for top-tier pharmaceutical clients of the firm, jumpstarting their creation and rapidly bringing them to market, but also providing IQVIA with the tools and knowledge needed to maintain them over time. The added value of working with a consulting and design partner that specializes in data visualization and digital product innovation helped IQVIA leverage its data assets to test and ultimately open new lines of business and to consolidate existing ones, relying of hi-end visuals and user experience to set its offering apart from the competition.
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