2013 / 2016 | iCoolhunt

Next Atlas

Interactive, Dataviz, Social Media, Big Data, and Visual Analytics

Data-driven trend exploration: Nextatlas was designed to allow brands to track trends, tags, network relations between emerging trends, their location and epidemiology, and browse through thousands of inspiring visual examples.

Nextatlas is an interactive environment for data-driven exploration and decision making, based on user-generated data gathered through visual social media. For Nextatlas, Accurat designed and developed a unique digital landscape for browsing and interacting with fashion trends that uses images, colors, and tags, along with numeric data, successfully combining quantitative and qualitative information in a set of custom dynamic visualizations. Accurat also designed a powerful visual trends search tool, as well as a PDF generator that allows users to create custom exports of the contents discovered on the platform.
The interactive environment’s main space focuses on image display, while also allowing users to easily filter contents and trends by time, place, type, ranking, and relationships with other trends—all in the same streamlined interface.
DETAIL - Time frame filter
DETAIL - Timeline view
DETAIL - Map of trends in London
Marco Bernardi
Mauro Bianchi
Tommaso Catalucci
Giorgio Caviglia
Giorgia Lupi
Alex Piacentini
Gabriele Rossi
Simone Quadri
Marco Vettorello
UX/UI Interactive Data
Visual Storytelling

Dataviz, Editorial, and Experimental

Dataviz, Branding, and Art